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For March 31: Luke 24:14 to John 3:15


March 18. Luke 24:14-35. Jesus walks with disciples on the road to Emmaus

March 19. Luke 24:36-45. Jesus appears in Jerusalem

March 20. Luke 24:46-53. Jesus commissions us to evangelize the whole world

March 21. John 1:1-18. The Word became flesh

March 22. John 1:19-28. John the Baptist testifies

March 23. John 1:29-34. Behold, the Lamb of God

March 24. REST (Sunday)


March 25. John 1:35-42. Jesus calls Simon and Andrew

March 26. John 1:43-51. Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael

March 27. John 2:1-12. The wedding in Cana

March 28. John 2:13-22. Jesus drives the vendors out of the temple

March 29. John 2:23-25. Many believe in his miracles

March 30. John 3:1-15. You must be born again

March 31. REST (Sunday)





MAY 5.

MAY 19.



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