List of Heroes

Saints and Martyrs by Fra Angelico circa 15th century
Image: “Saints and Martyrs” by Fra Angelico circa 15th century

Here are the heroes of the faith we’ve written about:


Aloysius Gonzaga: saint, June 21, Italy

Ambrose of Milan: saint, doctor, December 7, Italy

Andrew Kim Taegon: saint, martyr, September 16, Korea

Anthony of Padua: saint, doctor, June 13, Portugal

Athanasius of Alexandria: saint, doctor, May 2, Egypt

Augustine of Hippo: saint, doctor, August 28, Algeria

Barnabas the Apostle: saint, apostle, June 11, Israel

Charles Lwanga, saint, martyr, June 3, Uganda

Cyril of Bulgaria, Metropolitan, Bulgaria

Francis Xavier: saint, December 3, Spain

John of Ávila: saint, doctor, October 7, Spain

John of the Cross: saint, mystic, doctor, December 14, Spain

John Henry Newman: other, England

Julian of Norwich: mystic, May 8, May 13, England

Martin Luther King, Jr., January 20, United States

Paul Miki: saint, martyr, February 6, Japan

Stephen: saint, martyr, December 26, Israel

Thérèse of Ávila: saint, mystic, doctor, October 15, Spain

Thérèse of Lisieux: saint, mystic, doctor, October 1, France


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