Our Scripture Memory schedule

Our Scripture Memory schedule includes new verses to memorize, as well as previous ones to review. Join us in this life-changing adventure!


We are currently in a season of reviewing …

By May 29, review Psalm 97

By June 5, review 1 John 1

By June 12, review Psalm 84

By June 19, review 2 Peter 1

By June 26, review Matthew 28

By July 3, review Isaiah 55

to be continued …


NOTE: we are reviewing in the order we memorized.


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Author: Todd Van Natta

I was given a great gift. It is to be passionate about Jesus Christ and the Bible and the spiritual life. I am a Christian believer. I believe in Jesus Christ. I’m in love with Jesus! I believe the Bible. I love the Bible. For decades, I've been reading it cover-to-cover, again and again and again. I’ve memorized a whole lot of Bible verses. Most of all, I want the Bible to help us fall more deeply in love with God the Father, with Jesus Christ, with other people, and with ourselves. And I've been reading the great writings from the entire Christian heritage for decades. At Explore the Faith, I share what I have discovered.

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