Today’s Projects for Spiritual Growth

Grow in your Christian faith by taking part in any (or all) of our projects. Their workload is light, and they are all free!




A chapter of the Bible each day

For September 9. Read 1 Timothy2 TimothyTitus, and Philemon. Summarize each and find a way to recall noteworthy verses.

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Reading the greatest theological books of all time, a few pages per day

For September 9. Read Rerum Novarum by Leo XIII. Read for free online at

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Memorizing a verse or so each week

By August 21, review 1 Corinthians 13

By August 28, review Psalm 103

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Nibbling from the gospels each day

Monday: Mark 13:33-37. Be vigilant

Tuesday: Mark 14:1-2. The plot to kill Jesus

Wednesday: Mark 14:3-9. Jesus is anointed at Bethany

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Sit for ten minutes a day

For today, sit quietly for ten minutes of contemplative prayer

RESOURCES: introduction


Author: Todd Van Natta

I was given a great gift. It is to be passionate about Jesus Christ and the Bible and the spiritual life. I am a Christian believer. I believe in Jesus Christ. I’m in love with Jesus! I believe the Bible. I love the Bible. For decades, I've been reading it cover-to-cover, again and again and again. I’ve memorized a whole lot of Bible verses. Most of all, I want the Bible to help us fall more deeply in love with God the Father, with Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit, with other people, and with ourselves. And I've been reading the great writings from the entire Christian heritage for decades. At Explore the Faith, I share what I have discovered.

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